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Full Version: Absurd patriotism of Lithuanian nationalists
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15min - Lithuania

Absurd patriotism of Lithuanian nationalists

The Union of Lithuanian Nationalist Youths has organised for the fifth time a blood donation campaign with the name "Clean blood for patriots in commemoration of the victims of January 13, 1991", harking back to the demonstrations for Lithuania's independence in which 14 people people died. The portal 15min jokes: "In fact we should carry out at least one such patriotic action in every area of our so unpromising lives. Starting next Saturday a 'patriotic wedding' action should be organised in one civil registry at the very least. The cosmopolitan virus is eating away at the best part of our nation - the golden-haired, blue-eyed Lithuanian women - like a moth. .. Every Lithuanian woman must go to a patriot, not to Germans, Italians, Greeks or Arabs! Our blood must remain pure! ... Then we should continue with a 'patriotic child' action this spring. Every fourth child born to Lithuanian parents comes into the world in England, Wales, Ireland or elsewhere. For that reason all pregnant women should be repatriated shortly before they give birth. Patriotic childbirths should be organised and the infants confiscated in the name of the Republic of Lithuania." (21/01/2013)
What's so absurd about donating blood?
Nothing at all. But "clean blood for patriots"? That sounds pretty Golden Dawn style pathetic.
Absurd patriotism is better than no patriotism at all ... or wait ...
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