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Full Version: Underwater pyramid discovered in the Azores?
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Was confronted with this interesting news clip. The shape seems to regular and precise for it to be the resutl of a volcanic eruption, but I suppose anything is possible.

Not a whole lot of information on this, though, besides the usual ancient aliens stuff, which makes me think it might be a hoax of some sort.

[Image: Its-Happening-Ron-Paul-Rave-Reaction-Gif.gif]
Some people assume that this pyramide could be an artifact of the lost kingdom, Atlantis.

I think that it is a underwater volcano or somthing like that.
Meh, just like with the Visočica hill in central Bosnia, which some enthusiastics believe to be a pyramide.

[Image: e1-orig.jpg]

[Image: piramidasunca.jpg]

There are some indications which hint to it, like it's regular shape and underground tunnels, stone plateaus and walls which were excavated through the last 10 years.

But they are probably natural formations, remains of the medieval fortress "Visoki" located on the top of this hill and/or product of WW II activities.

No reliable evidence has been produced yet to prove "Visočica" as an ancient pyramide, like this Indie Jones wannabe claims.
And going by his published books on Mayan alien civilisations, it will most probably stay that way.

Same with the Azores Tongue
^Well, if there are "Balkan Egyptians", why the hell not Balkan pyramides too?

I want to believe! *tips tinfoil hat*
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