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Full Version: MPs to vote on 'explicit ban' on sex-selective abortions
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This will actually exclusively effect non-white, mostly Asian women... but anything that puts abortion back into the sphere of public debate can't be all bad.

Quote:Performing a sex-selective abortion could become a specific criminal offence as MPs are to debate the issue in the House of Commons today.

The amendment to the Serious Crime Bill, known as the Abortion (Sex-Selection) Bill, is designed to make it clear to doctors that it is illegal to terminate pregnancies because of the sex of the foetus.

The proposed legislation was tabled by Tory MP Fiona Bruce, who claimed that there is "widespread confusion" over the law.

"[The Bill] merely clarifies that nothing in section one of the Abortion Act 1967 allows a pregnancy to be terminated on the grounds of the sex of the unborn child," Bruce argued.
(2015 Feb 23 16:41)Godyfa Wrote: [ -> ]This will actually exclusively effect non-white, mostly Asian women...
Dunno - isn´t there a lesbo-feminist body anxious to have kids while simultaneously not bringing any more supporters of the white patriarchy into the world? Big Grin Funny how their aim in reality dovetails with that of resident third-worlders intent on producing armies of sons, who will obviously be in need of some kuffar whitemeat a few years down the line...
So as long as they don't specifically say "a girl? no thanks" its ok. Or am I missing something?
Heh, yeah, another one of those stupid ´laws´ for which it´s vital to get inside somebody´s head to know their motivation in order to determine whether they´ve ´broken´ it or not!

Nothing to stop old Muhammad marching Fatima to the clinic for a scan one day, to check whether Mo Junior has the necessary bits or not, and coming back the next to insist that "She wants an abortion. It´s her right!"
Most abortions in the UK (91 percent) are carried out at under 13 weeks gestation. Determining the sex of a baby by ultrasound before the eighteenth week can be difficult.

Even if sex-selective abortion is banned, one could easily give an alternative reason that is legally acceptable.
Why don't they just ban determining the gender of a foetus?

(2013 Oct 19 19:04)W. R. Wrote: [ -> ]
(2013 Oct 19 09:40)Zephyr Wrote: [ -> ]All of a sudden that sounds awfully possible.

China, India and South Korea already did it.
You tell the sex when you do a scan that´s important for other things, especially position in the womb and determining whether or not the child has Down´s Syndrome (which gives a characteristic "hunched" shoulder in profile, apparently). When doing this scan, it´s pretty hard for an experienced eye, or even a casual observer with a little sense, to not realise the sex, and they usually just tell you at the time. Parents like seeing the "face" too, and it´s even got popular to take photos or even make a video. People have got kind of used to this, and won´t like it taking away, just to make sure Mohammad isn´t killing his daughters.
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