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Gruppenvergewaltigungen und Vergewaltigungen gibt es nicht mehr nur in Indien
Why do they denounce Pegida? Seems a bit too populistic, as if Pegida is already part of the ineffective establishment... A pity; if they're not associated, they should have left them unmentioned.
I wondered about that too, maybe because one of the top Pegida guys converted to Islam, in general there is much infighting between all groups and sects on the national/patriotic side.
(2016 Jun 02 12:21)Aptrgangr Wrote: [ -> ]maybe because one of the top Pegida guys converted to Islam
Is that true?!

One of Wilders's henchmen (actually more like filler material for all those seats he might win) also converted to Islam.

I wonder if some rich Saudis target some of those people, with some sort of a subtle carrot and sticj approach...
I can't find the article on PI anymore, just a claim of Pierre Vogel (top Salafist, ex boxing champion) who said he won over one of the Pegida execs to Islam.


Some stats

[Image: lwfjx7y8.jpg]
What a wonderful matter of chance it was that the MAIN groups from which mass immigration in England, Germany, Sweden, the Low Countries and France was primarily drawn, just HAPPEN to top the lists for those wonderful cultural traits in the graphic above! Astounding coincidence! Maghrebis in particular: just WOW! Interesting how our good old Pakistanis seem more specialised in the connoisseur's sphere of raping children, of course.
People "most in need" aren't any such thing. They are excess males from the worst areas of the planet, coinciding with cousin marriage, polygamy and sub-State w/ clan identities. Saudi Arabia would probably be a main exporter of rapefugees to Europe if it weren't a richer than God oil client.

Somalia and Afghanistan are not nation-states but a vacuum on a map in which cartographers have drawn in for postcolonial convenience, politeness and obfuscation. If we had honest cartographers they would write Dragons Be Here, ISLAM HERE or it would be that grey area on the map in Civilization barbarians spawn from.
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