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Full Version: Iran protests continue for a third day despite warnings
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Iran protests continue for a third day despite warnings

Anti-government protests have continued in Iran for a third day, with reports of demonstrations in many cities despite warnings from authorities.

At Tehran University, protesters called for Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to step down and there were clashes with police.

Demonstrators ignored the interior minister's warning that citizens should avoid "illegal gatherings".

Meanwhile, thousands of pro-government demonstrators turned out for rallies.

These official rallies were organised in advance of the anti-government protests, to mark the eighth anniversary of the suppression of major street protests in 2009.

The current protests began in the north-east on Thursday over living standards and by Friday had spread to several major cities. (...)
My sources say this is just localised blowback in Kurdish areas for Tehran's pushing of Baghdad's interests in Iraqi Kurdestan.
Kurds in Bandar Abbas? (There are some Kurds in Malayer though)

Just passing on what I was told! I personally know nothing of Iranian matters, needless to say. ;) Anyhow, there's stuff in Kurdestan, in (partly Kurdish) areas in the far north-east, and here some bother in the far south-east. All nicely near the borders, of course...
oy vey

French president rebukes US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia over bellicose comments toward Iran

PARIS (Reuters) - French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday said it was important to maintain dialogue with Iran, warning that the tone of comments adopted by the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia toward Tehran was virtually a path to war. (...)
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