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Full Version: Cruda realidad / Dos tercios de las españolas de 35 años no tienen hijos
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Cruda realidad / Dos tercios de las españolas de 35 años no tienen hijos

Que más de dos tercios de las mujeres de 35 años no tengan hijos es la noticia de nuestro tiempo, la que debería copar las portadas y abrir los telediarios día tras día. No solo como causa de lo que venga, sino también como consecuencia de aquello en lo que nos hemos convertido. (...)
I'm doing my best...

One particularly galling case among my acquaintances here, though, is a couple in their thirties who recently broke up after a decade-long childless relationship, due to the man being no longer able to put up with the militant leftism of the woman's parents. Having to sit through dinners where the most disgusting things were said about the deaths of policemen and the like. Shit like this may be happening all over the place, as polarisation continues thanks to the radical excesses of the left. Of course, not having a kid in ten years, and not even getting married, is hardly a natural situation, and all the more bizarre in this case, where the woman earns far more than I do, and has a very steady job.

Naturally, there are more and more dark faces on the streets every day... Most belong to males, so expect a massive tidal wave of half-bloods to replace the non-breeding natives over the next few years.
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