Forum Europa - Registration Agreement
Latest Revision (1.1):


Forum Europa aims at the very heart of Europeans with the goal of gathering souls who are in search for their place in this dying continent. Europe is however alive in each of you who are Europeans Jus Sanguinis et Solis. Don't search for Europe in ID cards, institutions and constructs. The soul is not acquirable, tradable or interchangeable.

Europe is not under threat, rather already drowned in self-annihilation. After the great tragedies which happened between 1914 and 1945, where 100 million lives of ours were taken, Europe entered a process of social decadence. Governed by two foreign empires, Europe was divided and forced to choose between the American and Soviet deprivations of individuality.

While in the East, people were forced into a ruthless cult of Socialism, in the so called West people were taught to worship a democracy that does not exist. Both systems indoctrinated people to forget their roots and create a faceless mono-culture. However the western system has triumphed and the whole of this continent is under the grip of a Hydra with several heads: Neo-Liberalism, Usury, Consumerism, Cultural Marxism, Promiscuity, National Autoimmunity, Xenophilia, Hedonism and Global Autism are among the most prominent. These heads that often group in Left and Right pretending to oppose each other, in fact work towards the same goal and have a common spine.

Nationalism is one of the most contaminated vectors of the system, full of counterproductive elements who invariably sabotage the sane efforts of conscious nationals. Inadvertently but also deliberately their mission is to destroy from inside. It is our duty to oppose them with the same energy we oppose the activists of autoimmunity.

No other population in this world is so violently fustigated with appeals to surrender its identity like ours. Just like in a body affected by a terminal autoimmune disease, elements from our own people violently attack our own nations, eager to destroy the ethos of Europe.


Since this forum aims to debate Europe, for obvious reasons we primarily target Europeans. If being born with an European ID card does not make one European, being of European descent is not an automatic synonym of being European as well.



Not an image board; a nationalist theme-park; a place for racial fetishism; a supremacist forum; a gathering of web imperialists, revanchists and assorted chauvinists; an e_nazi convention; a "white" forum or anything that revolves around similar colonial concepts.

Not a “Preservation forum” – a motto that has been common throughout the overwhelming panoply of pan-Euroamerican forums; however all of them have obviously failed to show how they have “preserved” Europe so far.


You can only have one account and one account can only correspond to one person. Foolish emails or nicknames will be denied. Accounts with fake information will be denied. Therefore accounts using proxies are met with reservation.


All your actions in the Internet are registered under an Internet Protocol (IP) address. For your and our security, the administration constantly monitors all IP addresses and cross-checks them.

We don’t disclose your personal information, it is part of our code of honour to grant you a secure staying, however websites sometimes are hacked. So please do not write delicate information like your home address, place of work, phone number or credit card in any part of the forum.


If your registration is accepted, introduce yourself in the next 24 hours or your account will be cancelled.


Avatars and signatures are to be in harmony with the forum layout. Disparaging images or invasive signatures are not allowed. Provocative material is not permitted.


You are not allowed to engage in disruptive behaviour or intellectual dishonesty.

Internet is not a "serious business" and there is no internet court, but if you are in this place to pass time and have serious difficulties in taking anything seriously, do something else to fulfil your life instead of hanging around just to vent your cynicism. If you don't like the rules, don't register. If negativity is part of your character, deal with it yourself.


Promotion of deviant and transgressive behaviours or conducts is forbidden: Forum Europa is against the relativization of morality. Forum Europa stands against Libertarianism, Laissez-Faire and Promiscuity.

Flaming, trolling, thread-bombing, spamming, bumping is not allowed at all. Soap operas are not allowed.

Thread hijacking or constant derailing is not permitted. Open appropriate threads instead of ruining a topic.

Fooling around with your profile is not permitted too.


Insulting or degrading other members is not only forbidden, it is a shameful behaviour. Even the right of reply to defend your honour has limits which do not encompass slandering.

Gossiping about others' lives is rude, spreading rumours and defaming is despicable and as well spreading private information will be treated accordingly. Even if those are not members here.

Harassment, bullying, persecution, impersonation or threatening of other members will earn offenders not only exclusion but denouncing them to their Internet Provider. Grave incidents involving personal damages can and will be dealt judicially.


When you enter this forum you will leave your grudges at the door. This is not an exile forum or an e_arena to fight your e_enemies. You are not going to use this forum to avenge your grudges towards other forums or people.


Imperialism and Chauvinism are antagonists of Nationalism. If you intend to promote revanchist and expansionist ideas, make yourself a favour and open your own site where you can happily claim your right to rule over other nations.


The fact that you love your nation, your country or most commonly your reflection on the mirror does not entitle you to vilipend other people. If you feel superior to your neighbour, open a forum for yourself and tell everyone how Europe should be if you were in charge.

Racism is not a form of expressing pride, rather a form of insecurity. If you need to derogate others to feel proud and fulfilled with yourself, you have a problem that doesn't concern others in fact.


We don’t accept people who come here to recruit members for obscure causes or who come to preach and proselytize. Abuse of this forum for your personal purposes is not allowed.


Do not discuss, suggest or encourage any sort of illegal activities - not only because they are illegal. Links provided to locations that deal with any such activity are forbidden as well.

Do not plagiarize others' work nor simply dump material. Try to quote relevant parts in context and always state your sources.


A forum is not something created by spontaneous generation. It has people who found and fund it, who spend hours working for it, who are responsible for dealing with all technical and administrative aspects. But, unlike politicians, we don't hide you the fact that This Is Not A Democracy.


The best moderation is the moderation that doesn't need to act because people know how to moderate themselves, however the Staff is sovereign and has the last word in all matters.


You don't have the right to make yourself a senior moderator, no matter how many posts you have. You will not commandeer other members, appropriate yourself of powers you don't have, use any method of persuasion towards Staff or lobby for decisions.


Following the rules one by one is not always a strict necessity. We are human and prone to fail, however following the rules is also not sufficient. If you have a constant negative attitude, expect being asked to change.


Some rights reserved. You can not usurp any part of this forum, whether it’s the name, concept, artwork or content.


Forum Europa may cease its activity at any moment without previous warning or further notice.


Accepting all items of this agreement is required to use this forum. Registering in this forum means you have accepted all the aforementioned rules and regulations and this one as well.