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Storytelling Festival Kicks Off - Violet - 2013 Apr 14 08:00

The 16th annual storytelling festival Stories Today (Pravljice danes) is under way in Ljubljana, running until 19 April in a bid to enable adults and children alike to experience stories drawn from various folklore traditions

Quote:The festival events will take place in the Cankarjev dom arts centre, the Ethnographic Museum, and the Academy of Sciences and Arts (SAZU), while an accompanying programme will see events organised across Slovenia until 25 April.

The festival offers a wide selection of events for children and adults. It is the most important storytelling event in Slovenia and has had a significant influence on the development of the Slovenian storytelling tradition.

The beginnings of the Stories Today festival go back to 1998, when storyteller, writer and poet Anja Štefan founded an event called the Fairy Tale Marathon. Year after year, she invited professional actors, librarians, illustrators, writers, folklore storytellers to share stories from Slovenian and foreign folk traditions. On its seventh anniversary, in 2004, the Fairy Tale Marathon, transformed into the storytelling festival called Stories Today.

Storytelling Festival Kicks Off