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Portugal election - Godyfa - 2015 Oct 02 16:39

Quote:Portugal's prime minister made a final push on Friday to boost his chances of not only winning this weekend's election, as predicted by opinion polls, but also of securing an absolute majority and a more stable government.

On the last day of campaigning before Sunday's election - Portugal's first since a debt crisis, austerity and a bailout - polls have all given centre-right Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho a lead, of between five and 12 points.

His campaign focussing on his record of guiding the country through the crisis and returning it to growth has worked and his Social Democrat-CDS-PP coalition looks set to be returned to power.

But, with up to 15 percent still undecided, both Passos Coelho and his centre-left Socialist opponent Antonio Costa pushed for more support.
"Nobody swaps certainty with uncertainty," Passos Coelho said while campaigning, driving home his message as the candidate of stability.
"Without stability there is no confidence, without confidence there is no investment, without investment there is no job creation," he said. "Whoever wins the election has to govern and I believe we will win."

Guide to the parties:

Quote:The parties

Portugal à Frente (Portugal Ahead) – a centre-right electoral alliance between the two parties that have ruled in coalition for the past four years: the party of Social Democrats (PSD) and the Social Centre – People’s party (CDS-PP). The grouping is led by Coelho.

Partido Socialista (Socialist Party) – the centre-left party that presided over the sovereign debt crisis in 2010, but has since recovered in the polls. It is led by a former mayor of Lisbon, António Costa.

Coligação Democrática Unitária (CDU) – an electoral alliance between the Communist party of Portugal and the country’s Green party. Led by Jerónimo de Sousa, who has been party secretary for over a decade.

Bloco de Esquerda (Left Bloc) – a far left party with no official leader, overseen instead by a six-member committee. Actor Catarina Martins is the main spokesperson.

Hmm... Like Spain, no major right-wing party it seems.

RE: Portugal election - Osweo - 2015 Oct 02 20:09

(2015 Oct 02 16:39)Godyfa Wrote:  Like Spain, no major right-wing party it seems.
I think what you actually MEAN here is no escape from the right/left distraction. I wish people would stop using these terms. It just makes it easier for the Establishment to dismiss nativist or populist reaction to the right/left farse as "far right" or "extremist", when usually it's nothing of the sort.

Both Iberian states have, of course, recent memories of the most unimaginative right wing dictatorships, or rather they have neoliberal rightists and leftists who find it easier to manufacture such memories to suit their own agenda.

RE: Portugal election - Phlegethon - 2015 Oct 02 20:28

Red, dark red and infra-red. Hooray for democracy!