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European Enrichment Experiment News Watch - Artturi - 2015 Oct 09 14:24

This is news watch about the ongoing migrant crisis in Europe and media responses to it, either national or international. Will the posterity be able to witness how the situation finally got out of control and Europeans started actively resist their traitorous handlers?

Italy accepts boat migrants Malta rejected @ 7 Aug 2013
Sicily migrant boat sinking death toll reaches 114 @ Oct 03 2013
Asylum seekers not welcomed by Serbians @ 10 Dec 2013

Anti-immigration protests in Rome @ 14 Nov 2014
Ukraine: Shifting borders for African migrants @ 9 Dec 2014

Majority of Danes want tougher border controls @ 9 Feb 2015
Immigration in Denmark at an all-time high @ 10 Feb 2015

EU to Build Migration ‘Welcome Centres’ in Africa @ 6 Mar 2015
Number of Migrants in England Increases by Half a Million in 3 years @ 6 Mar 2015
Denmark’s Refugee Integration Has ‘Failed’ @ 9 Mar 2015

Finland to oppose mandatory refugee re-settlement scheme @ 16 May 2015
Migration crisis polarizes opinions in Estonia @ 22 May 2015

Allure of Wealth Drives Deadly Trek @ 12 June 2015
Exhumed and reburied: political group lays Mediterranean victim to rest in Berlin @ 16 Jun 2015
EU leaders agree to relocate 40,000 migrants @ 26 Jun 2015 2015

“How Much Cruelty and Horror is Necessary Before You Take Action?” @ 3 July 2015
Hungary closes border with Serbia and starts building fence to bar migrants @ 17 Jun 2015
Italian general: EU anti-migrant operation likely to fail @ 24 Jul 2015
Putin on European independence and illegal immigration @ 25 July 2015
Hungary's Viktor Orban: illegal immigration threatens Europe, biggest risk from 'deep Africa' @ 25 Jul 2015
Number of foreigners in Vienna up 49 percent @ 27 Jul 2015

Closing Europe’s Harbors @ July/August 2015 2015
Police Warn of No-Go Zones in Germany @ 1 Aug 2015
If you hate the migrants in Calais, you hate yourself @ 2 August 2015
Rally against refugees in Latvia @ 4 Aug 2015
Dutch Refugee Centres Overflowing as Housing Supply Dries Up @ 6 Aug 2015
Illegal immigrants unhappy, want better food, aircondition and a TV @ 7 Aug 2015
"Russia helps Serbia cope with migrant crisis by aiding refugee camps" @ 14 Aug 2015
Towns Forced To Accept Migrants – New Legislation @ 18 Aug 2015
Germany expecting >650,000 refugees this year: report @ 18 Aug 2015
Commission frowns on ‘Christian only’ solidarity with migrants @19 Aug 2015
Macedonia: State of emergency declared over migrants @ 20 Aug 2015
Suomeen ehkä 10 000 turvapaikanhakijaa arvioitua enemmän @ 20 Aug 2015
Asylum 'could cost Germany €10bn' in 2015 @ 20 Aug 2015
Germany opens its gates: Berlin says all Syrian asylum-seekers are welcome to remain @ 24 Aug 2015
EU Chief Praises Borderless Europe As Migrant Tide Floods In @ 25 Aug 2015
Migrants crisis: Germany's Merkel booed at Heidenau centre @ 26 Aug 2015
Report confirms rising number of immigrants @ 27 Aug 2015
Britain will be forced to take 'fair share' of refugees, Swedish minister warns @ 27 Aug 2015
Report confirms rising number of immigrants @ 27 Aug 2015
Refugees protest against 'monotonous' Italian food @ 27 Aug 2015
Icelanders Want to Welcome Refugees, PM Responds @ 31 Aug 2015
Germany's Muslim Demographic Revolution @ 31 Aug 2015

Britain to take more refugees as Cameron bows to pressure @ 3 Sep 2015
Refugees threaten Europe's Christian roots, says Hungary's Orban @ 3 Sep 2015
Visegrad states meet on refusal of refugee quotas @ 4 Sep 2015
'Sweden was right; the UK should be ashamed' @ 4 Sep 2015
A “refugee boy” set immigration debate into flames in Finland @ 6 Sep 2015
Les foules de migrants vues par un guide touristique polonais @ 7 Sep 2015
The EU’s Immigration Suicide Pact (P. Buchanan) @ Sep 8 2015
Bishop: ‘Pope Francis Is Wrong, Migrants Are Invasion’ @ 8 Sep 2015
Russia ready to accept Syrian refugees @ 9 Sep 2015
UK cultural figures call for greater refugee intake @ 11 Sep 2015
Germany Orders Curbs at Border in Migrant Crisis @ Sep 13 2015
Four out of five migrants are NOT from Syria @ 18 Sep 2015
Germany: Migrants' Rape Epidemic @ 18 Sep 2015
Those who attack the border commit an act of terrorism @ 19 Sep 2015
Migrant crisis: EU ministers approve disputed quota plan @ 22 Sep 2015
Germany in a state of SIEGE @ 25 Sep 2015
Austria changes constitution to accept more refugees @ 25 Sep 2015
The Rise Of Right Wing Politics Is What European Elites Fear Most From Migrant Crisis @ 25 Sep 2015
Germany Segregates Christians As Migrant Violence Escalates @ 28 Sep 2015
Finland suddenly a top choice for Iraqi asylum-seekers @ 30 Sep 2015

A refugee riot puts a German town on edge @ 1 Oct 2015
Reception centre menus changed after asylum seeker protests @ 2 Oct 2015
Orbán: Migrants resemble an army, not asylum seekers @ 2 Oct 2015
With far-right at gates, left seeks to defend fortress Vienna @ 8 Oct 2015


RE: European Enrichment Experiment News Watch - Erwann - 2015 Oct 09 18:25


This is geopolitical chaos theory in practice. Every day the European Union (EU) changes direction on how it will cope with hundreds of thousands of migrants crossing the Mediterranean and heading for a new life in Europe.

Border fences go up and then they come down; Schengen open frontier principles must be honoured and then they are ignored; the Dublin Regulation of forced migrant repatriation is a mighty concept to uphold and then it is quietly placed in a bottom drawer.

All of the above seemingly driven from Berlin and forced on EU member nations by Angela Merkel despite their protests.

Slovakia Prime Minister Robert Fico for one has had enough. He is tired of the rancour and indecision emanating from Brussels on the migrant invasion. Fico has warned that his country will head for the exit door and no longer impose the “stupid and dangerous idea ” of a united EU if no single, common policy can be formulated to deal with the greatest mass movement of people across Europe since the end of the Second World War.

According to Germany’s Contra magazine, Fico is ready to propose “a discharge of his country from the European Union” if not freed from the binding acceptance of “so-called refugees” from the Middle East. Fico “could not accept compulsory admission quotas, since it is completely uncertain what they mean in practice.”

Last Wednesday he began that journey when Slovakia started legal action at the European Court of Justice against the EU plan to forcibly distribute a number of asylum seekers into his country.

Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania had opposed the mandatory quotas for redistributing 120,000 asylum seekers from Italy and Greece but the group was outvoted at a meeting of EU interior ministers.

As Reuters reports, Fico said after the vote: “We will go in two directions: first one, we will file a charge at the court in Luxembourg… secondly, we will not implement the (decision) of the interior ministers.”

Now, conceivably, the third step will be to leave the EU altogether because Fico said the quota system would not be imposed on Slovakia “as long as he was in office”.

“We have been refusing this nonsense from the beginning, and as a sovereign country we have the right to sue,” he added.

Slovakia, a central European country of 5.4 million, has only a small migrant community. It has said Muslim refugees would be especially hard to integrate in countries with a Christian majority. The Slovak view has been echoed in neighbouring Czech Republic and Hungary as well as in Romania causing cries of “nationalism” in Brussels.

Contra magazine warns this split is emblematic of a wider fissure within the EU and the refugee crisis is “increasing the risk of a collapse of the European Union”. It cites “various coercive measures from Brussels” forcing countries to accept migrants against the wishes and votes of some EU member states as being the straw that breaks the EU camel’s back.


We will see if our so-called elites are enough crazy to destroy the EU at the name of immigrationism.

RE: European Enrichment Experiment News Watch - Aptrgangr - 2015 Oct 10 21:16

Czech doctor describes conditions in German hospital

RE: European Enrichment Experiment News Watch - Aptrgangr - 2015 Oct 11 19:13

RE: European Enrichment Experiment News Watch - Erwann - 2015 Oct 11 20:38

Why is Denmark traditionally more "conservative"/anti-immigration than Sweden?

RE: European Enrichment Experiment News Watch - Tintagell - 2015 Oct 12 22:27

(2015 Oct 11 20:38)Erwann Wrote:  

Why is Denmark traditionally more "conservative"/anti-immigration than Sweden?

I keep hearing the same thing. A Danish friend of mine said that Denmark used to be the 'progressive one' and Sweden used to be more traditional, but seems to have switched quite drastically.

RE: European Enrichment Experiment News Watch - Mustapaita - 2015 Oct 13 04:26

(2015 Oct 12 22:27)Tintagell Wrote:  Why is Denmark traditionally more "conservative"/anti-immigration than Sweden?

I think the decades long near uninterrupted social democratic rule of Sweden is part of the reason.

RE: European Enrichment Experiment News Watch - Aptrgangr - 2015 Oct 17 22:00

German official to Germans: If you don't like it, leave Germany

RE: European Enrichment Experiment News Watch - Aptrgangr - 2015 Oct 22 06:26

more doctors and engineers

RE: European Enrichment Experiment News Watch - Aptrgangr - 2015 Oct 24 17:33

Germany to push for compulsory EU quotas to tackle refugee crisis