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2018 World Cup - Zephyr - 2018 Jun 14 05:25

It's that time again. Make your bets.

RE: 2018 World Cup - Mustapaita - 2018 Jun 17 12:19

Belgium (got a bit of money riding on this Tongue)

RE: 2018 World Cup - Osweo - 2018 Jun 28 22:50

No idea, and don't really care. My main interest here is the fact that I translated several of the signs on the walls in a few of the stadiums. Big Grin

RE: 2018 World Cup - Zephyr - 2018 Jul 08 02:50

Very interesting plot so far in line with what happened in 2016. Now there's a 50/50 chance that we may have a newfound champion of the world.

Regardless of how FIFA has kept the European teams at record low numbers for the sake of affirmative action, from the 14 UEFA national teams that qualified to this world cup, 10 advanced to the knockout stage while 6 of the quarter-finalists were euro teams and the semi-finals are an interesting all-"Euro 2018". Okay, yeah, we know, France, Belgium, England, Switzerland, Portugal... """european""" teams, but still cool.

RE: 2018 World Cup - Zephyr - 2018 Jul 13 01:34

Idemo Hrvatska! Big Grin