U.N. Accuses Czech Republic of Violating Migrants’ Rights
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U.N. Accuses Czech Republic of Violating Migrants’ Rights
Quote:U.N. Accuses Czech Republic of Violating Migrants’ Rights

OCT. 22, 2015

The United Nations accused the Czech Republic of violating the rights of hundreds of migrants, mostly from Syria, who were detained in “reprehensible” and “degrading” conditions, in a statement released Thursday.

Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, the United Nations high commissioner for human rights, said in the statement that “the violations of the human rights of migrants are neither isolated nor coincidental, but systematic: they appear to be an integral part of a policy by the Czech government designed to deter migrants and refugees from entering the country or staying there.” <...>

[Image: czech-republic-migrants.jpg]
Guards walk past a razor wire fence securing a former prison in Drahonice, Czech Republic, that has been turned into a detention centre for migrants. Czech authorities have been detaining refuges for up to 90 days, strip-searching them and charging them money for their own detention, according to a critical report by the UN refugee. (Petr David Josek/Associated Press)

The statement released Thursday by the United Nations human rights agency said that migrants, many of them children, has been subjected to treatment in the Czech Republic beyond what they had endured in other Central and Eastern European countries. The agency’s statement included the following examples:

• Migrants have been detained for 40 days, and in some cases up to 90 days.

• The Czech Republic’s own justice minister, Robert Pelikan, has described conditions at the detention centers as “worse than in a prison.”

• Migrants are “routinely strip-searched by the authorities looking to confiscate money.”

• Migrants are charged $10 a day each to pay for their own detention, a practice described as “particularly reprehensible.”

• Though they are entitled under international law to challenge their detention in court, migrants do not receive information about free legal representation.

• Anna Sabatova, the Czech ombudswoman, has said parents are treated in a “degrading way” in front of their children. And children are “traumatized” by the presence of armed officers.

• Migrants have their cellphones confiscated, making it impossible for them to communicate with their families.

The Czech Republic has received more than 800 asylum requests through September, a relatively small number compared with other neighboring countries, such as Germany, which is expected to receive 800,000 this year. <...>


MORE: http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/migrants-un...-1.3283865

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2015 Oct 22 20:01
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RE: U.N. Accuses Czech Republic of Violating Migrants’ Rights
(2015 Oct 22 20:01)W. R. Wrote:  violating the rights of hundreds of migrants

What would it take to violate the rights of the Europeons? None of our revolutions and social reforms unshackled us from serfhood and being forced to cover the costs of priviliged elites having their obscene fun. All we seem to have is the right to pay up in front and suck it up, but the means and ends are more insidious than ever. It is a lucrative business to clamor about the rights of the wandering leeches, while several European countries are basically forced to uncomfortable economical revisions. I feel it is good though that this mass take-in is happening during a financially unstable time, so there is little chance of integration happening.
2015 Oct 23 05:08
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