Europe rises against islamization invitation to the Polish Independence March
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On 11 November 1918, Poland reclaimed its independence after 123 years of occupation. Every year on the 11th of November, hundreds of thousands of Polish patriots celebrate their Independence Day. This year we are dedicating our demonstration to all of Europe. Now is the time when the patriots of our whole continent must unite and fight together. We must defend our nations, traditions, and cultures. We must say no to multiculturalism and to the dangerous social experiments being conducted on the peoples of Europe. We all see what radical Islam really stands for. Corrupt politicians and the establishment's media are trying to make us believe that Europe must accept millions of refugees. It is simply impossible to assimilate such numbers of people who do not understand or respect our cultures or obey our laws, and there are many terrorists among them. This is an invasion.

Join us in Warsaw on the 11th of November in the largest patriotic march in Europe. We invite you to what will be a demonstration of freedom in Europe for the people of Europe. We are waiting for you. Tomorrow must belong to us.
2016 Nov 04 14:41
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