50 "Incredibly Tough Books" for "X-treme Readers"
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RE: 50 "Incredibly Tough Books" for "X-treme Readers"
(2013 Nov 12 08:28)Blackthorne Wrote:  Melville bah. I couldn't read much more than a chapter or two or three of it.
I'm shocked! I'd even call Moby Dick the best novel in the English language, if I was pressed to pick a sole winner for that title! Can't think of anything grander off the top of my head, anyway.

I'm also a great aficionado of Lord Lytton, who is routinely mocked in literary circles. Have you got round to trying him yet? They laugh up their sleeve at his 'It was a dark and stormy night' beginnings, while praising all manner of 'experimental' shite and downright filth as 'literature'.

Quote:You ought to read some of the works of James Fenimore Cooper sir (he's as tedious as Melville), such as...

Remind me never to ask you to write a review on one of my Amazon pages. What a 'recommendation'! I do have that book at home somewhere, and fully intend to try it again (I got a bit fed up with it after a few pages when I was about 19), but I haven't actually been 'home' for a good two years or so! Big Grin

"And now if a whole nation fell into that? In such a case, I answer, infallibly they will return out of it. For life is no cunningly-devised deception or self deception, it is a great truth that thou art alive, that thou hast desires, necessities: neither can these subsist and satisfy themselves on delusions, but on fact. To fact, depend on it, we shall come back: to such fact, blessed or cursed, as we have wisdom for."
Thomas Carlyle
2013 Nov 12 23:11
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