91% of Estonians support idea of ethnostate
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RE: 91% of Estonians support idea of ethnostate
Quote:'Finlandisation' itself isn't a concrete thing, it's a term made up by politicians in Western Germany as an argument against Stalin's suggestion to reunify Germany as a neutral country back in the early 50s. As a consequence, they have subjected Eastern Germany to 40 years of communism – a fate easily avoided.


[quote]Finland benefitted more from exclusive trade with the Soviet Union than it was ever harmed during the period in question. Also, again: Russia is not the Soviet Union.

Still, Finns of that period don't yearn a return to those relations. My parents for example detested those times. Now imagine what people in a country with a similar culture but one that underwent actual occupation with all it entailed think. It doesn't matter that Russia isn't USSR and is greatly weakened. Steps were taken so it would not be possible again for Russia to exert such influence even if it wished to. I've been saying this all along. Westward integration was not a reaction to any acute threats or circumstances, it was done when it was politically possible as soon as possible so that a return to the "good old days" became more or less impossible.

Quote: Depends on where you're comming from. It's better than Germany, where people go to jail for posts they made on Facebook. I only dislike that it's so socialist.

I'd prefer Germany.

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2017 Jan 10 14:36
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