How genetics is settling the Aryan migration debate
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RE: How genetics is settling the Aryan migration debate
It's sad that the popular face of science these days is mostly having to concern itself with reestablishing that things which were considered obvious just a generation ago are in fact correct. Back in the day, the hurt feelings of simple-minded Indian nationalists would just have been laughed at, which is mostly all they deserve. An anyway, as in most such cases of a controversial ancient ethnic origins debate, there's plenty for the modern descendants to take pride in all the same!

"And now if a whole nation fell into that? In such a case, I answer, infallibly they will return out of it. For life is no cunningly-devised deception or self deception, it is a great truth that thou art alive, that thou hast desires, necessities: neither can these subsist and satisfy themselves on delusions, but on fact. To fact, depend on it, we shall come back: to such fact, blessed or cursed, as we have wisdom for."
Thomas Carlyle
2017 Jun 18 21:33
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