Research finds that as a group, only men pay taxes
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RE: Research finds that as a group, only men pay taxes
(2018 Jan 04 08:30)Surtr Kvlt Wrote:  So the study is right, not "the text".
It is no orally transmitted study.

(2018 Jan 04 08:30)Surtr Kvlt Wrote:  Just a load of psuedo-psychology
This would mean the key claim would be false, which is not the case.

(2018 Jan 04 08:30)Surtr Kvlt Wrote:  and an awkward version of the "you like and drink a starbucks coffee, you can't criticise capitalism" thing.
If one ever would do that, instead all we get are weird theories without identifying the current economical system.

(2018 Jan 04 08:30)Surtr Kvlt Wrote:  But on more shaky ground. Surely if you are a woman want to be able to earn as much as men you are going to end up paying as much tax? Well, if not less if in some kind of idealised working version of neoliberal capitalism since they'll be strivin' and earnin' to be out of the red state spending wise.
It's just they usually earn less, due to various reasons. Capitalists have a point when they say there were times the male breadwinner easily could feed the whole family without the woman to have an extra income. But being a taxslave for the profits of others is the new freedom.

(2018 Jan 04 08:30)Surtr Kvlt Wrote:  De fembinists want are tax monies XDDDDD
I am waiting for the day they reject toxic male tax, monies, and fund their crap solely on their own.

(2018 Jan 04 08:30)Surtr Kvlt Wrote:  There is no accounting for the cultural differences and economic conditions in the the past... (all those net positive are boomers, who is to say that chart will be exactly the same in 40 or so years?)
Culture directly interacts with economic conditions, the more ppl want gibsmedats at the expese of others, the less they will get them when culture erodes, and makes work slavery rather than a part of personal and economic freedom.

(2018 Jan 04 08:30)Surtr Kvlt Wrote:  I mean:
Quote:The first thing that comes to mind is that half of women might be at home raising kids. However, the workforce participation rate gap between men and women doesn’t seem to exceed 10% in either age group. (see figure 4 in source)

Has this man never spoke to a woman who balances raising children with part time work? Has this man ever known women from generations where attitudes where different? Does this man have any life experience outside of bashing on his keyboard?

And to do the kind of thing the writer is doing... this bloke is clearly autistic with this black and white thinking about what workforce participation and parenthood is.
Part of the Marxist doctrine is to destroy the nuclear family, that's why it is pushed everywhere, now since this directly leads to a decline not only in personal happiness but also a massive economic decline, all Marxists can say their lifestyle must be paid for by others, those who made the right decisions in their lives rather than just leaning back and hope for the nanny state to confiscate other ppl's property.

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