State symbols of the Belarusian People's Republic
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RE: State symbols of the Belarusian People's Republic

Quote:Some notes:

1) I don’t know yet who recorded the song, but I guess it was done either between the two world wars in Western Belarus (then a part of Poland) or shortly after the WWII by Belarusian emigrees in the West.

2) Sometimes it is sung “my adrodzim” (we’ll revive) instead of “my narodzim”.

3) There is a variant of the song with the words “Baćkoŭščyny svajej” (“of our Fatherland”) instead of the words “Respubliki svajej” (“of our Republic”). Recommended to those who do not believe in democracy.

4) The form “svajej” now must be considered vernacular, and some now sing “svajoj”. But it breaks the rhyme and must be discouraged.

[...] just as it is not left unto us to choose our ancestors, so we may not choose our nation; we can only fulfil, or not fulfil, the obligations that come from being a member of our people’.
© Dr. Jan Stankievič ‘From the History of Belarus’

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