Scotland, Catalonia... and Venice?
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RE: Scotland, Catalonia... and Venice?
(2012 Oct 26 00:16)Zephyr Wrote:  But of course, there was this couple of sites owned by the same individual(s), where a significant part of posts consisted in claiming that Portugal is "una aberración histórica", "una pierda de sangre", "una criación masónica". Nevermind that the independent state of Portugal existed much before the de facto creation of Spain (1128 vs 1492).

For those who defend Spain as an unidad de destino, the spirit of the nation goes back to Atapuerca and Altamira. Big Grin

(2012 Oct 26 00:16)Zephyr Wrote:  Sometimes I ask to myself, if we had 60 years of Spain between 1580 and 1640 and it took 28 years of war to have them accepting the Restoration, how many years will it take in Catalunya? I mean, if they hate Catalanism so much, why aren't themselves the first to demand secession?

Macho attitude. Derecho de conquista. 20% of the country's GDP and main touristic place after the Balearic Islands.

According to them, Catalonia has always been Spanish. Or even funnier, now some of them say that Catalonia has never existed. Taking our traditional invisibility in Europe to unsuspected levels: we're ghosts now. Big Grin

(2012 Oct 26 00:16)Zephyr Wrote:  I wouldn't want anyone unhappy in my house. We have the case of Barrancos, they consider themselves neither Portuguese, neither Spanish. Well, by all means, I'm all for a plebiscite.

It's the logical thing. If the Aranese wanted to vote whether they want to remain within Catalonia or not, much as I like that valley, I'll let them decide about their own future too.
2012 Oct 26 00:41
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