Bravia "Chaimite" Vx00
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Bravia "Chaimite" Vx00
[Image: 2421241891_af33f53c39_o.jpg]

The Bravia Chaimite is an armored vehicle built by the Portuguese company Bravia and used by the Portuguese Army in the Portuguese colonial wars in Angola, Mozambique and Portuguese Guinea, from 1967 to 1974 when it ended.

There were two versions of the Chaimite, the VBTP V-200 and the VBPM V-600. The VBTP, (Viatura Blindada de Transporte de Pessoal, Armoured Personnel Transport Vehicle), had an 11-man capacity and was armed with one .50 Browning heavy machine-gun, while the VBPM, (in Portuguese, armoured mortar carrier), had only a 4-man capacity and was armed with one Browning .30 heavy machine-gun and one 81 mm mortar. These vehicles had diesel engines with 155 hp (115 kW) at 3300 rpm with automatic gear capable of taking on speeds to a maximum of 99 km/h (62 mph). The armour of this APC was capable of defeating rounds up to 7.62 mm NATO.

The Chaimite is now being gradually phased out of Portuguese Army service and replaced by the Austrian Pandur II 8x8 APC.


Based on the Cadillac Gage Commando

[Image: XM706E2_USAF.JPG]

The Cadillac Gage Commando is a 4x4 amphibious armored car built by the American firm Cadillac Gage. The vehicle has been outfitted for many roles, including armored personnel carrier, ambulance, fire apparatus, anti-tank vehicle, and mortar carrier. They saw service in the Vietnam war where it became known as the Duck, or the V. It was also supplied to many US allies, including Lebanon and Saudi Arabia which used them in the first major ground engagement of the 1991 Gulf War. No longer produced, a modern derivative is the M1117 Armored Security Vehicle which was developed as tougher alternative to up-armored Humvees

[Image: m8Qubx3.jpg]

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