Bulgaria doesn't need business graduates
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Bulgaria doesn't need business graduates
Standart - Bulgaria

Bulgaria doesn't need business graduates

Around 70 percent of Bulgaria's graduates are unable to find work in their chosen field after finishing their studies, the daily newspaper Standart reports. Above all graduates of the mass subjects business, law and public relations are out of synch with the economic reality in Bulgaria, the newspaper admonishes: "At present there are 300,000 students in Bulgaria. An entire army of academics. Wonderful! So we don't need to worry about running out of managers, lawyers and PR experts. When it comes to engineers and agronomists the situation is more worrying, but who cares. The main thing is that the EU's education plans are fulfilled and Brussels pats us on the back. What an illusion! ... But how on earth is this army of qualified PR specialists supposed to make a living in a country where there is nothing to market? How many managers does a country need whose economy has collapsed? ... The sad truth is that their degrees are worth nothing in today's Bulgaria." (15/01/2013)

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