President urges young people to work for Lithuania
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President urges young people to work for Lithuania
Quote:President Dalia Grybauskaitė, currently on an official visit in Denmark, met with the young people from Lithuania who are studying in Denmark, reports

The President wished the young people to remain true Lithuanians: “National identity lies in our hearts, not only in symbols. May you always remain Lithuanians. We are a unique nation. There are few of us, so each one must be worth ten. We must know more and do more. Love your country and promote its name,” the President said.

According to the President, studies and life abroad is an opportunity to get important experience, broaden one’s horizons and evaluate the native country more objectively. Lithuania, she said, is waiting for all Lithuanians who study in foreign countries to return to their homeland. Dalia Grybauskaitė urged the young people to use and apply the acquired knowledge in Lithuania. The President noted that transparency and democracy, responsibility and political culture were the matters we could learn from Scandinavian countries.

”You are a great asset of Lithuania. Our country’s future depends on each of you. Therefore, wherever you are now – be with Lithuania, build it together and contribute to its better future,” the President said.

To the question about unemployment in Lithuania the President answered that the new Government was mandated to take specific and effective action to promote youth employment and business growth, providing conditions for earning enough money in the homeland.

The Lithuanian Youth Society in Denmark presented to the President their project “Travelling Book”. The English version of the book – compilation of the Lithuanian authors’ literary works – is left in various places of Copenhagen in order the Danish people could get acquainted with Lithuanian literature.

At present, there are about 1500 Lithuanian students in Denmark. Most of them are going to come back to Lithuania after completion of their studies.

President urges young people to work for Lithuania
2013 Feb 08 06:55
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RE: President urges young people to work for Lithuania
An admirable display of nationalism by a small country.

I just wished my own one still had a spirit like that.
2013 Feb 08 08:04
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