Iceland considers pornography ban
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RE: Iceland considers pornography ban
(2013 Feb 28 19:10)Temnozor Wrote:  Men are so bad, everything is unfair, they don't do what I want buhuhuhu ... Woman are so bad, they only want to steal our money, men are discriminated by law buhuhuhu. Cry me a river. Fucking non-issues.

Oh, hey, calm down. These problems are for real.....
2013 Feb 28 19:34


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RE: Iceland considers pornography ban
Should versus IS. This is often the problem. Women SHOULD be able to go around free from this threat of rape, no matter HOW they are dressed. They SHOULD be able to walk around in bondage gear with 'fuck me' written on their hats, and be free from harm. However, we don't live in that world.

I'm not personally a rapist, but if I did lack all conscience, perhaps I MIGHT be prompted to such illegal activity if I saw a little too much 'on display' night after night. The rules of the game for the sluttily clothed appear to be 'look but don't touch', but we are invited to look more and more all the time, which is too provocative for many women's own good. I personally am not attracted to bare flesh as such, as my socialisation chimes in to override the sexual instinct, telling me that such a woman is not really anything that I ought to have anything to do with, but you will find the odd reprobate wandering around who is less able to satisfy his instincts through the normal channels, and these sort are subjected, in our modern world, by far more sexualised imagery than was the case anywhere a few generations ago. Sometimes, perhaps the odd belt that pretends to be a 'skirt' is the 'straw that breaks the camel's back' in the psyche of these men, transforming them from potential-rapists to actual-rapists.

This is basically what the inarticulate coppers and judges say that sparks off the indignant reaction. It's certainly not diplomatic, and maybe in most cases it's actually wrong, but ultimately it comes from a reaction of disgust at how many women behave nowadays. Really, this ought to be considered a separate problem, and bringing it up in conjunction with actual cases IS unpleasant to the victims, but it is a problem nonetheless, and one that is inappropriately minimised by the 'slutwalk' reaction.

Who are the crazy ones? - we are asked. The answer is, the potential rapists. 'Slutwalkers' should leave behind the knee jerk reaction to old fashioned men telling them off for childishly wanting to 'do anything they want', and start looking into actual statistics as to who it is who is raping their peers. I want to see slutwalkers against immigration, and against lax handling of dangerous mentalists. Yes, that would mean standing up for tougher laws, that stamp on a few people's 'freedoms'. Quite a jarring concept to many of the brainwashed young fools out there, I'm afraid. I hope it doesn't take TOO much reality to make most of them change their minds about their politics.

"And now if a whole nation fell into that? In such a case, I answer, infallibly they will return out of it. For life is no cunningly-devised deception or self deception, it is a great truth that thou art alive, that thou hast desires, necessities: neither can these subsist and satisfy themselves on delusions, but on fact. To fact, depend on it, we shall come back: to such fact, blessed or cursed, as we have wisdom for."
Thomas Carlyle
2013 Feb 28 20:38
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