Afghans working for Czech soldiers interested in Czech asylum
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Afghans working for Czech soldiers interested in Czech asylum
Prague - The Afghan interpreters who work for Czech soldiers within NATO´s ISAF mission are interested in Czech asylum because they fear the opposition forces´ revenge that might follow the departure of Czechs and other coalition soldiers from the country, Jana Ruzickova has told CTK.

Quote:"The work of interpreters on the territory of Afghanistan is very important for the success and security of operations. That is why they are logically threatened by the opposition forces," Ruzickova, spokeswoman for the Czech general staff, said.

Some 20 Afghan interpreters work for the Czech soldiers deployed in the anti-Taleban mission.

Ruzickova said the military has already registered Afghans´ interest in Czech asylum and that the Czech defence and foreign ministries are dealing with the situation of those fearing for their lives.

The Czech Interior Ministry told CTK it has not yet received any asylum applications.

The allied forces fighting in the ISAF mission are slowly withdrawing from Afghanistan. This year the Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team that operated in Logar province left the country after five years and further units are to follow.

Czech chief of staff Petr Pavel has said the number of Czech soldiers in Afghanistan will decrease from 500 to some 150. The first to leave the country will be combat units. Support units will be the last to leave the country.

The withdrawing of the allies armed forces is connected with the gradual placing of responsibility for the country´s defence with the newly built Afghan government forces.

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Afghans working for Czech soldiers interested in Czech asylum
2013 Feb 18 08:12

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