Number of poor people reduces by 51 000
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Number of poor people reduces by 51 000
In the beginning of 2013, similarly to 2012, the tendency of reducing numbers of poor people continued in Latvia. In January 2013, compared to December 2012, the number of poor people reduced by 934.

Quote:While there were 109 595 people registered as poor in January 2012, this index reduced by 51.5 thousand over the year. According to information from the Welfare Ministry, there were 108 661 persons listed as poor in January.

3.88 million LVL were used on social benefit payments in municipalities in January 2013. 928 thousand LVL were necessary for the payment of the guaranteed minimum income (GMI), while 1.7 million – for apartment benefits. 1.26 million LVL were use on other benefits.

In order to continue improving Latvia’s social situation, the WM will be working on the development of the 2013 social security system in accordance with post-crisis needs, as well as the improvement of the employment policy and support for families with children.

WM plans to carry out a number of events that will allow residents of working age return to the job market and reduce the need to turn to municipalities for support. In 2013, it is expected to adopt several active employment practices, such as the Work in Latvia regional mobility program.

A successful implementation of the latter would allow increasing the number of socially insured people, increase the average state social insurance payments in salaries, expand the support of working people with children, as well as improve the residents’ financial situation.

As it is known, there are currently several events in play this year. They are aimed at improving social security of Latvian residents while they are unable to earn income from work. This include doubled maternity, paternity and parental benefit caps and increased amounts of minimum parental benefits.

Number of poor people reduces by 51 000
2013 Feb 25 18:19
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