Fado: The Soul of Portugal
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RE: Fado: The Soul of Portugal
(2013 Mar 28 23:27)Aemma Wrote:  
(2013 Mar 28 23:05)Zephyr Wrote:  On topic, there's some speculation about people from elsewhere in Portugal liking Fado or not because they don't produce it there, or because it is a Lisbon's thing. It's not. Fado has two sources/schools/styles, Lisbon and Coimbra (I prefer the latter by far).

Is there something in particular that sets one apart from the other? May I ask why you prefer one to the other? Smile

Okay, first things first! Smile

First of all it is necessary to learn how Fado appears.

Forget a bit the Wikipedian articles on Fado. They are a bit bolloxy too put it mild and have that usual multiculturalist propaganda written all over without sources and sometimes even by non-portuguese people.

Wikipedia is good for technical articles, as cultural marxist jerks are usually not good at polluting technical questions.

Fado doesn't suddenly appears in some back alleys of Lisbon in the 19th century like they say. It was rather an evolution of the ballads played by bards and troubadours a long time ago using instruments based in the Lute.

The type of nostalgic lyrics are centuries' old. The first written poems of this kind can be found in compilations like the Cancioneiro da Ajuda which contains poems written even by kings such as Denis of Portugal, a remarkable poet and learnt autodidact.

Of course the oral tradition kept going, and anonymous illiterate people kept vivid the music coming from their hearts. Sailors, farmers, shepherds would produce their own musics about their "Fate" (hence the word Fado, from the same root as the English word) and would build their own variants of musical instruments based on the Lute. All over Portugal, several instruments directly preceding the Portuguese Guitar can still be found, from North to South, from the Braguesa to the Campaniça.

For a change, Wikipedia has an astonishingly accurate article about this instrument: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portuguese_guitar - It's a technical article, which makes it more bullshit-proof.

The tuning of the Portuguese Guitar and the technique employed is crucial to understand how what we call Fado developed. All Fado orbits around the Portuguese Guitar.

Undoubtlessly, the modern Lisbon's Fado has a variant that had its share of influence from the taverns and brothels of its back alleys in the Mouraria, reportedly it was not rare to see the prostitutes entertaining customers with it. This is unfortunately the favourite "specialty" of the music business, you know the deal.

Fortunately the Lisbon's Fado is much bigger than that, and there are thousands of beautiful songs like those you posted, with marvelous singers, but I still prefer the Fado de Coimbra. While the Lisbon's fado fluctuates among variants that range from beautiful poetry to shallow stuff, the Fado de Coimbra is absolutely bleak, has a lower tuning and speaks only about nostalgia, the sunset of age, the fading happiness of long gone romances, sailors that died, student times, things that will never come back and even religious questions.

The Fado of Coimbra is central, from the academic capital, where all students from Portugal would gather, thus it's a sum of all the feelings from all the peoples who passed by and spent the best years of their lives in Coimbra, pouring all their experiences into the music.

One catch is that traditionaly women don't sing the Fado of Coimbra, as there used to be no female students (nor bards, nor sailors), while the Fado of Lisbon became more feminine throughout the last 100 years, more sung by "divas". Another catch is that you may find yourself overwhelmed by the constant dark mood of Coimbra's Fado, while the variety of Lisbon allows you to chill out with some shallower and lighter lyrics, you could say that it is richer indeed.

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