Poll: Do you support school uniforms?
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Do you oppose or support school uniforms?
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RE: Do you oppose or support school uniforms?
personally I think having to wear a school uniform is mostly a good thing but it can have some bad sides too. the first and most important being they can be pricey and it wouldn't be the first time I hear of a school that uses that as a trick to ensure only rich kids can go to that school since other parents can't pay for it. (a short sleeved shirt for summer, a long sleeved shirt for the rest of the year, a jacket for winter, pants, the PE uniform, ... and of course a couple spares of everything in case it gets dirty)

but if the school avoids that and the uniform is sold at a reasonable price uniforms are a great thing. some people complain that it prevents each student to show his/per personality and forces them to be almost clones. that's bullshit. there are always ways to show your individuality (if you truly have one of course) what you can't do is show off how wealthy your daddy is since everybody paid the same money for the clothes.

having to wear an uniform is also a way to limit how whorish the girls can dress. you can be sure some of them will wear the skirt slightly shorter (or longer) and that's fine but we won't see a fourteen years old wearing heels, stay up stockings, a tight leather skirt that barely covers her ass and a baggy short sleeved top that will expose the bottom of her tits each time she raises her hand (yes. I have seen it myself. I'm not joking)

besides... even now I'm still proud of my school. what's wrong wearing it's uniform to show it to others? my school didn't have one (not for everyday classes at least. we only had it for PE) but I would had loved to wear it even out of school. and no. it wasn't a private school for rich people precisely or even that good of a school. but I was proud of being a student there and I would had loved being able to show to others.

by the way I agree with:

(2012 Sep 24 08:52)W. R. Wrote:  Teachers should wear uniform as well, it's wrong if they make children wear uniform while being dressed casually.

even if students aren't required to wear it teachers should wear a school uniform or at least wear appropriate clothing instead of dressing so casually. if nothing else it would help to give them some kind of authority. people dressed like that are teachers. if you don't obey them you will be in trouble.

most professions do have an uniform so why not teaching?
2014 Sep 16 09:24
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