Pentagon’s DARPA reveals their most human-like robot yet
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Pentagon’s DARPA reveals their most human-like robot yet
Pentagon’s DARPA reveals their most human-like robot yet


The Pentagon’s army of space-age robot warriors is getting a lot more real.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, has released video footage of a project that’s been long in the works and really starting to now take shape. The Protection Ensemble Test Mannequin — or “PETMAN,” for short — is the subject of the latest clip, and very well could be all it takes to scare off any insurgents once it’s ready for the battlefield.

PETMAN is a bipedal robot that has been displayed during previous tests as having the ability to climb stairs and even do pushups. In the latest video, though, the experimental project is showcased as being more lifelike than ever before.

Scientists at Boston Dynamics have released a video that shows PETMAN, clothed head-to-toe in full-on camouflage, jogging in place on a laboratory platform. But unlike earlier videos in which PETMAN appeared to be nothing more than a pile of wires enclosed in metal, the newest footage shows the science project at its all-time most humanness. [...]

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RE: Pentagon’s DARPA reveals their most human-like robot yet
Hopefully this invention might have some positive fallout on civilian life. Let's think of a robota capable of taking care of elders, as an example.

And, for the moment, being a mass of wires it might as well be a good bullet target in a war.
2013 Apr 10 08:17

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