Orbán may not just ban Nazi rally
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Orbán may not just ban Nazi rally
Galamus - Hungary

Orbán may not just ban Nazi rally

Hungary's right-wing conservative head of government Viktor Orbán has personally issued a ban against a rally planned by far right bikers under the slogan "Hit the accelerator!". This is a dictatorial act on Orbán's part since banning rallies falls within the remit of the police and the judiciary, writes sociologist Ferenc Krémer on the left-liberal opinion portal Galamus: "Now everyone is delighted because Orbán has banned the neo-Nazi bikers' rally. … He didn't have the authority to do so but we're already getting used to him doing as he pleases. … It looks like the Hungarian police is under the direct influence of the politicians and the corresponding laws are just for decorative purposes. Viktor Orbán has once again made it clear that he wields absolute power in the country." (10/04/2013)

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2013 Apr 16 15:25
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