Forty Percent of Foreigners Report Daily Discrimination
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Forty Percent of Foreigners Report Daily Discrimination
A new report has found that around 40 percent of Icelandic residents of foreign background feel they are discriminated against on an almost daily basis.

Quote:The report, conducted by InterCultural Iceland with funding from the Ministry of Welfare, found that the most common place of discrimination is the workplace, or 60 percent of all cases of discrimination.

The findings show that 93 percent of respondents with a foreign background experienced hidden prejudice or discrimination at least once during the two-week poll period, compared to 35.2 percent of Icelandic participants.

Around 36 percent of respondents of foreign background said they experienced hidden prejudice roughly ten times during the two weeks, reports.

Respondents report being ignored, being spoken to in a condescending way and feeling that they are being stared at or measured up.

Feelings of dejection, irritation and anger were the most commonly cited reactions, while around 20 percent of respondents claimed not to be affected by the treatment, rather finding it to be a laughing matter.

Click here to read a summary of the study.

Forty Percent of Foreigners Report Daily Discrimination

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