Multicultural marriages: More Lithuanian women are marrying Russian men
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Multicultural marriages: More Lithuanian women are marrying Russian men
According to the latest data from the Lithuanian Department of Statistics, the most desirable young bachelors from abroad, Germans, have lost their popularity over the years, writes

Quote:Russians are now the second most popular men to marry for Lithuanian women. Interest in them has been increasing during the past several years.

Russians are catching up the Germans

The number of marriages between Lithuanian women and Germans decreased from 305 to 268 last year. There were 360 of such marriages in 2010.

Marriages with Russians are in second place. Interest in them has been increasing for the past few years. Some 240 of Lithuanian women said “yes” to Russians in the last year. There were 222 marriages in 2011, and 215 in the year 2010.

British are in the third place. Some 191 British men got married to Lithuanians last year.

The popularity of Americans has decreased. Only 127 Lithuanians got married to the citizens of the US, while 142 got married to Americans in the year 2011.

Moreover, 86 of Lithuanian women got married to Belarusians, 14 to Australians, and 11 to Moroccans.

Russian women are losing to Ukrainians and Belarusians

According to the statistics, Russian women were the most popular among Lithuanian men who decided to marry a foreigner.

Thus, 375 of Lithuanian men chose Russian women as their wives. Over the years this indicator slightly decreased. There were 412 of such marriages registered in 2011; 405 in 2010; and 365 in 2009.

Marriages between Lithuanian men and Ukrainian women have increased: 134 Lithuanians got married to Ukrainian women, and in 2011 there were 115 of these marriages.

It has also been observed that Lithuanian men began to take greater interest in Belarusians. Statistic shows that 134 Lithuanians got married to Belarusians in 2011. The number reached 167 in the year 2012.

Some 52 of Lithuanian men got married to Latvians, eight to Germans, five to Spanish, and one to an Egyptian.

In general, the number of multicultural marriages stayed pretty much the same; 3018 of Lithuanians got married to foreigners last year, 3010 got married in year 2010, and 3085 in the 2010.

It should be noted that Lithuanian women marry foreigners more often than Lithuanian men, the numbers accordingly are 2113 and 905.

Multicultural marriages: More Lithuanian women are marrying Russian men

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