Lithuanian archbishop: beware of ‘Trojan Horse’ laws from EU pushing ‘gender’ ideolog
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Lithuanian archbishop: beware of ‘Trojan Horse’ laws from EU pushing ‘gender’ ideolog
Quote:June 3, 2013 (
by Hilary White

The recently appointed archbishop of Vilnius, Gintaras Grušas told the country’s parliament to beware of laws imposed by the European Union that act as a “Trojan Horse” to undermine the hard-won Lithuanian independence and the family by pushing “gender” ideologies.

Archbishop Grušas said at a ceremony to mark the 25th anniversary of independence from the Soviet Union, “We are seeing more and more legal products with the European trademark that destroy the [country’s] foundations.”

“By attempting to penetrate into our legal system via the legal Trojan horses, they are, first of all, doing everything to undermine the institution of the family – the core of Lithuania, which our Constitution presents as the basis of our society and nation.”

“This is done,” he said, “by pushing conventions and gender declarations, which erase the difference between a man and a woman, between a father and a mother and quietly introducing the concepts of genderism.”

He warned that the municipal government of Vilnius is already listing Parent I and Parent II on applications for kindergarten.

“Under the veil of protecting the rights of children or women, efforts are made to undermine the different but equally important role of both parents in a family, as well as family autonomy,” the archbishop said.

Grušas was born in Washington DC and studied for a year at Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio after obtaining a degree in mathematics and computer science at the University of California.

He also called for a “bold and broad” declaration that “abortion is not only harmful to an unborn life, but also the mother’s spiritual, psychological and physical health, like alcohol abuse, and hence its advertising is harmful to the individual and the family, and welfare of the public.”

He said the movement for independence, kept alive by underground publications like the Lithuanian Catholic Church Chronicle, “has given a lot of good fruit, but failed to cure the wounds of the nation.”

“Consequences of the communist regime are still in our lives, even though much has been done over the last 25 years. Society still keeps the bondage of suicide, divorce, abortion, epidemic alcoholism and its consequences. We suffer the ghosts of lack of transparency, corruption and dishonesty,” he said.

Lithuanian archbishop: beware of ‘Trojan Horse’ laws from EU pushing ‘gender’ ideologies

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