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RE: 'Ask a native speaker' thread
(2018 Jul 06 15:54)Osweo Wrote:  I came to ask about this, really:
Асецішча трансліт.: Asiecišča, руск.: Осетище
An old settlement of Ossets in the White Ruthene?! Tongue What's the name about?

The first explanation I thougt of was: just like замчышча is a place where a castle is (or used to be) located, асецішча must be a place where there was an асець once (or maybe still is).

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2018 Jul 07 22:24
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RE: 'Ask a native speaker' thread
(2018 Jul 07 22:24)W. R. Wrote:  асець

Ah! An ovin! Spasibo! Big Grin

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2018 Jul 10 21:12

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