An Etruscan Warrior Prince Is Actually A Princess
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An Etruscan Warrior Prince Is Actually A Princess
Quote:Mistaken Identity And Gender Bias? An Etruscan Warrior Prince Is Actually A Princess

While not quite on the level of a gender-bending comedy, archaeologists recently discovered an intact 2,600-year-old tomb in Tuscany. At first it was believed to be a warrior prince as the skeleton was holding a spear but accessories, and bone analysis told another story and that prince is actually a princess.

Author Judith Weingarten described the case of mistaken identity on her blog and believes there may be a bit of gender bias at play. The tomb dates to 610-600 BCE and was discovered by Alessandro Mandolesi, from the University of Turin, and his team of researchers. The tomb was found in the Etruscan Necropolis of Tarquinia, a UNESCO world heritage site that features elaborate wall paintings and rare examples of Etruscan architecture, reports

A skeleton, with a spear lying on its side, was found inside the burial chamber but there were plenty of clues that suggested the presumed man was a female. The skeleton had brooches that fastened a cloak while a jewelry box and gold jewelry were also found within the chamber. A second incinerated skeleton was found and was presumed to be the warrior prince’s wife.

The tomb, due to its close proximity to the Queen’s tomb, was believed to be that of a prince of Tarquinia, an ancient Etruscan city. After analyzing the skeleton, measuring hardness, structure and other functions, the researchers discovered the presumed prince was a princess and the incinerated skeleton was male. Weingarten translates quotes from Mandolesi that suggest the placement of the spear was a gesture between husband and wife, a “symbol of the union between the two deceased,” but she believes his conclusion is slightly off.

As was shown, assumptions can be quickly proven wrong and Weingarten says, based on the understanding of Etruscan culture and society, the princess could have been a warrior and a leader in her own right. In fact, argues Weingarten, Tarquin wives wielded a lot of influence and were instrumental in making the men they chose into powerful princes. Elaborating further to LiveScience, Weingarten says a lot of research is based on "preconceptions" of what is found in graves, assigning a gender to particular objects.

Mistaken identity

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2013 Oct 21 16:23
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RE: An Etruscan Warrior Prince Is Actually A Princess
Scientist makes a hypothesis, tests it and corrects his conclusion accordingly.

Quote:Author Judith Weingarten
on the other hand... seems more interested in searching for some pre-historic matriarchal paradise. Smile

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2013 Oct 21 16:46
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RE: An Etruscan Warrior Prince Is Actually A Princess
Reminds me of the story of the `Red Lady of Paviland` near me.
2013 Oct 21 20:34
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