Poll: What politic course do you prefer?
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What politic course do you prefer?
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RE: What politic course do you prefer?
Every political system has its advantages and weaknesses, so blind adherence to any specific does not guarantee good outcomes.

What makes politics work? Great and right-minded people do. As W.R. outlined above, nations and states need real statemen who have the best long-term interest of people in mind. The merits for such individuals must be massive: kindness, excellent morals, high intelligence, and healthy bodily and mental constitution for starters. Broad education, an extensive network of trustworthy friends and servants, good oratory skills, diplomacy, and personal wealth are other indispensable assets.

Practically any political system can promote meritorious people, but to have excellent merit of great statesmanship it requires extraordinary individuals who provide that. The Western civilization currently offers fake smiles, does not excel in morals, favors overpromotion over intelligence, is declining in health, cheapens education, betrays kinship and close friendships over material gains, speaks dirt, wages wars and practices subterfuge, and is quite much broke. Where would the great, or even good, statesmen arise in the midst of such nihilism and corruption? Temptations and pitfalls are many.

None of the listed political systems can provide lasting stability for good statesmen. Even the concept of nationhood is only as useful as are the virtues attached to it, and with the decline of virtues the meaning of good life is lost. Every system of power is like an invitation to subvert it for impostors and social climbers.

Instead of justice and written law I would prefer mercy and wisdom. Instead of right-left dichotomy (whether fiscal or cultural) I would prefer the middle way of traditionalism and conservatism together with genuine humility and charity. The best statesmen lead by being good examples, not by pushing people around. National interests should be recognized naturally: not all styles of livelihood and belief are acceptable or mutually compatible. Power should be as decentralized as permissible by the presence of competent people to handle it.

A good political system is certainly given when people recognize and respect the best among themselves to rule and govern, so that their work is not hindered by anyone. In fact, it is telling how the agenda of the current economic liberalism ushers people to realize the vision of internally competitive society instead of a collaborative society.

I do have an extensive vision, but I would have to write it down completely and analyze it for further polish before I could really say anything definite where it stands.
2017 Oct 08 19:51
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RE: What politic course do you prefer?
^This is what I have concluded long ago as well. The people who run it define how well (almost) any given system works, not so much the mechanics of the system itself, unless they are explicitly against human nature (i.e. socialism). Therefore, I will unironically opt for the system that provides the best aesthetics and art, which is fascist monarchism. This is my sole reasoning.

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2017 Oct 08 23:24
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