(Photos): Wild Animals Making Themselves at Home in Abandoned Houses
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(Photos): Wild Animals Making Themselves at Home in Abandoned Houses
There comes a time when you leave some place, for example, your house. It looks like an empty, abandoned building then. But is it so? It is said “when one door closes, another opens” and here is a door that opens for someone (or maybe something) less demanding.

Finnish photographer Kai Fagerström amazese us with his remarkable photo series of wild animals settling down in abandoned houses in the woods. It is hard to capture animal moments but Fagerström persisted to accomplish it.

[Image: abandoned-homes-animals-17.jpg?w=700]

[Image: abandoned-homes-animals-18.jpg?w=700]

[Image: abandoned-homes-animals-19.jpg?w=700]

[Image: abandoned-homes-animals-11.jpg?w=700]

[Image: abandoned-homes-animals-7.jpg?w=700]

More here.

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2013 Nov 20 23:04
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