Ukrainian Spring
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RE: Ukrainian Spring
Quote:“War Hero” Savchenko Accused Of Terror Plot, Levels Own Accusations In Ukraine

Savchenko, a former military aviator who spent 22 months in Russian prisons after being detained by separatists in the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine, claimed on March 15 that lawmaker Serhiy Pashinskyy played a prominent role in a deadly crackdown on pro-European demonstrators during antigovernment Maidan protests that toppled Russia-friendly President Viktor Yanukovych in February 2014.

Speaking to journalists in front of the Security Service (SBU) headquarters in Kyiv, before she was questioned as a witness in a case against a man arrested last week on suspicion of plotting to kill President Petro Poroshenko and other officials in a series of armed attacks, Savchenko also asserted that Lutsenko covered up what she alleged was current parliament speaker Andriy Parubiy’s involvement in sniper shootings that authorities say killed dozens of people during the crackdown on the Maidan protests.

However, Savchenko said later that she meant to accuse not Parubiy but Pashinskyy, and publicly apologized to the parliament speaker for “a slip of the tongue.”

Lawmakers in the Verkhovna Rada swiftly responded by kicking Savchenko out of the single-chamber parliament's national security and defense committee. Lutsenko, meanwhile, told parliament that Savchenko had planned an attack using grenades, mortars and automatic weapons.

Investigators have “irrefutable proof that Nadia Savchenko... personally planned, personally recruited, and personally gave instructions about how to commit a terrorist act here, in this chamber,” Lutsenko said. He asked the Rada to strip her of her parliamentary immunity so that she could be arrested.

Lutsenko claimed that Savchenko’s plan included destroying the Rada’s roof cupola and killing surviving lawmakers with assault-rifle fire.


“Lutsenko claimed that Savchenko’s plan included destroying the Rada’s roof cupola and killing surviving lawmakers with assault-rifle fire.”

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2018 Mar 16 05:42
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RE: Ukrainian Spring
^I kinda approve tbh. Don't care about her stupid ideology, but everyone who holds political office in Ukraine should be hung from lamp posts (or be turned into lampshades).

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2018 Mar 16 21:12
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