Tests reveal the Danewerk as PRE-Danish
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Tests reveal the Danewerk as PRE-Danish
Just read this in the Germanic-L Yahoo Group:

Quote:A team of Danish and German archaeologists have recently unconcovered more information about the "Danewerk", i.e. the southern-most defensive bulwark of the Danish kingdom. Here is a short report.


The main point is that the Danwerk is older than originally thought. The archaeologists used the C-14 method to date an early wall section to around AD 500. The start of the construction is still not certain, but archaeoligist are confident that building work began before the 6th century.

I find this quite fascinating. If building began - say in the 5th century - what was the historical context? Who were the builders defending against - Saxons, Frisians? In fact, who were the builders - Danes, Angles? How does this tie in with the migrations of Jutes, Angles and Saxons to Britain around that time?

The Danewerk seems to put our conception of the "great migrations", where people tended to push from north to south and from east to west, on its head.Yet, perhaps the main purpose of the early Danewerk was not to defend the hinterland, but to control an important trading route. Judging by the function of the Limes and Hadrian's Wall, it may have been a bit of both.

Fascinating! And of great relevance to Anglo-Saxonists, too! Smile

[Image: Karte_Danewerk.jpg]

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