Mystery of the Nazi and the portrait of a Welsh lady
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Mystery of the Nazi and the portrait of a Welsh lady
I ignored the hyperbole. Was much more interested in why he possessed it in the first place.

Quote:A portrait of a 16th Century Welsh noblewoman was discovered in the art collection of leading Nazi Hermann Goering. What was it doing there?

She seems the gentlest of gentlewomen as she stands reflectively. Her skin is pale against the blackness of her dress. She holds a prayer book, indicating devout learning. Her other hand rests easily on a skull - the reminder of death. She exudes nobility.

So how did this grand Welsh lady get to mix with bad Nazi company? The painting is now owned by the National Museum of Wales but during World War Two it was in the collection gathered by Hermann Goering, Hitler's deputy, head of the Luftwaffe and the man who founded the Gestapo.

[Image: Catrin_o_Ferain.jpg]

2014 Jan 17 18:57
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