Abandoned to the sea: The fate facing more than 50 Welsh communities
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Abandoned to the sea: The fate facing more than 50 Welsh communities
More than 50 communities on the Welsh coast face being abandoned within decades as climate change takes its toll, a TV programme has discovered.

Tonight’s edition of the BBC Wales current affairs series Week In Week Out reveals how rising sea levels mean the cost of maintaining defences can no longer be justified.

Natural Resources Minister Alun Davies denies this on the programme and says retreating from the coastline is not part of his approach. But Week In Week Out shows how councils around Wales have accepted that “managed retreat” needs to take place – and are already planning for it.

Fairbourne in Gwynedd, which is expected to enter into managed retreat in 2025, is one of around 50 communities listed as being in areas set to begin withdrawing from the sea over the next 45 years. In Fairbourne, more than 400 homes are expected to be abandoned by 2055 as part of this policy.

Resident Sonia Norton, 83, told Week In Week Out: “Ten years will probably see me out and it’s not good for the future for Fairbourne as a thriving community because it will stop people buying in here.

“The people already here will probably just last it out.”

2014 Feb 12 00:42
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