Does Offa's Dyke pre-date Offa?
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Does Offa's Dyke pre-date Offa?
Archaeologists have uncovered evidence which suggests that Offa's Dyke may have been built up to 200 years earlier than thought.

Samples from Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust excavations on a stretch of the dyke have been radiocarbon dated to the second half of the 6th Century.

Historians have always associated the dyke with King Offa who ruled the kingdom of Mercia in the 8th Century.

But now archaeologists believe it might have been in use before he ruled.

The trust said it was a "tremendously exciting discovery".

The excavations were taken from a section of the protected ancient monument at Chirk near the Shropshire border.

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2014 Apr 08 21:35
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RE: Does Offa's Dyke pre-date Offa?
As the article hints, there were several such things knocking around before Offa's day, and he may have been the one responsible for making a complete sea to sea connection. Wat's Dyke is just the most famous. Seems now it was likely there were others too, now submerged in the latest one.
[Image: WatsDyke_thumb.png]

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