Germany’s Embarrassing Failures Prompt Military Spending Debate
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Germany’s Embarrassing Failures Prompt Military Spending Debate
Germany’s Embarrassing Failures Prompt Military Spending Debate

October 1, 2014 • From

Germany has escalated its military activity without increasing its budget. Now its armed forces badly need more cash.
By Richard Palmer

Germany’s military cannot fulfill its promises to nato, German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen warned September 28. Her statement comes after a series of mishaps exposing major maintenance failures in the German Army, while defense experts call for more military spending.

Germany’s military commitments may be small compared to America’s, but over the last decade, Germany has operated a series of overseas military missions unprecedented in its postwar history—all without a corresponding increase in military spending. The result is a military stretched to its limits.

“The poor state of Germany’s military, which has dominated headlines in the last week, is also threatening the peace of the country’s coalition government,” wrote the The Local. A German-language paper said the news from Germany’s armed forces is reminiscent of a slapstick movie.

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