Military parade in Belgrade
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Military parade in Belgrade
Quote:The Serbian Army is rehearsing for its biggest military parade in decades, which will be addressed by visiting Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Military planes have been flying over Belgrade while hundreds of soldiers, tanks and other pieces of military equipment have been lining up next to the Sava River in the capital as the Serbian Army prepares for Thursday’s showpiece event.

Marking the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Belgrade during World War II, Serbia is holding its first military parade since 1985, with Russian leader Putin as the most prominent guest.

Alexander Chepurin, Russia’s ambassador to Belgrade, said that during Putin’s third visit to the Serbian capital, the Kremlin chief will address the audience at the military parade and lay wreaths at the cemetery dedicated to the fallen liberators of the Serbian capital.

About 3,000 Serbian soldiers will participate in the event, which will start with a gun salute followed by a parade by various troop units, an air display and military ships sailing along the river.

The army will also showcase combat vehicles, tanks and artillery, while paratroopers will parachute in from aircraft overhead.

Special guests at the parade will be a Russian aerobatic performance team called Strizhi (the Swifts).

2014 Oct 15 16:27
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