Serbian inmates say lawyers' strike keeping them in jail
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Serbian inmates say lawyers' strike keeping them in jail
Quote:(Reuters) - Dozens of prison inmates in Serbia appealed to the country's top human rights official on Thursday, saying they faced spending more time behind bars than necessary due to an almost two-month-old strike by lawyers.

Lawyers in the Balkan country have been on strike since Sept. 10, boycotting most court proceedings in a dispute with the government over taxes and the role of notaries.

A spokeswoman for Belgrade's High Court said 320 trials involving defendants in court detention had been postponed due to the strike. A senior judge was quoted as saying the strike had forced the postponement of more than 100,000 court hearings in total.

"The damage is immeasurable and the consequences far-reaching," Dragomir Milojevic, president of the Supreme Court and Serbia's High Judicial Council, told the daily Politika.

More at link.
2014 Nov 06 19:38
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