Dolphin 'living alone for 30 years in Irish harbour' spotted leaping next to boat
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Dolphin 'living alone for 30 years in Irish harbour' spotted leaping next to boat
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Quote:By Melanie Hall

A dolphin nicknamed Fungi, thought to have lived alone in an Irish harbour for the past 30 years, was photographed leaping within touching distance of a boat after chasing the vessel.

The image was taken by Mike Murphy, 45, after he managed to whip his iPhone out to capture a shot on the dolphin’s fourth leap in a row next to his boat as he returned from the seaweed farm he runs in Dingle Harbour in County Kerry, Republic of Ireland.

The dolphin is well-known among locals and popular with tourists, with boat tours organised for the sole purpose of spotting Fungi in the bay, where it is believed to have lived alone for 30 years.

David Millard, 45, who was with Mr Murphy when he took the photo on Monday afternoon, said: “The dolphin torpedoed next to us. He’s very playful. He will chase the boats around the harbour.

“There’s quite a tourist industry on the back of him, lots of Fungi boats that take tourists out, and he will follow the fastest boast.

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RE: Dolphin 'living alone for 30 years in Irish harbour' spotted leaping next to boat
Lol, scrolled down to see the comments, and read this exchange between two strangers; both avidly arguing the lifespan of this dolphin they've never met, in a country they've likely never stepped a foot in, and somehow racism is pointed out for whatever reason.

This sums up the internet perfectly:

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Anyway, cool article. Big Grin

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RE: Dolphin 'living alone for 30 years in Irish harbour' spotted leaping next to boat
One of them is from Kerry, Ireland.


Retard 1: Hmm might not be the same dolphin all the time because of average lifespans.

Other Tards: No m8 ur wong becaus

Retard 1: Doesn't explain he doesn't mean it is definitely not the same dolphin and makes a bunch of irrelevant arguments that go back and forth.

Decides there is no chance the dolphin is an outlier after explaining the averages thing. One minute is saying there is reason to doubt it and then saying that means its definitely not the same dolphin. A dolphin that lives in a small Irish harbour that is probably one of the the least harsh parts of the common bottlenose dolphin range.

Claims that low res photo of an in motion dolphin is definitely not a 42 year old Dolphin because it looks young and scar free. I assume he ran it through his CSI style JPEG enhancing system

Other Tard: Look at my photos you can see the scars man.

A better comment to read:
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2014 Dec 17 23:50
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