Sweden's growing billionaire list
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Sweden's growing billionaire list
Quote:There are more Swedish billionaires than ever before, an annual list has found, with 147 Swedes able to put at least nine zeros on the end of their bank account balance.

There was no change at the top of Swedish business magazine Veckans Affärer's list of Swedes with a wealth of at least 1 billion kronor ($127 million).

Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad finished in the top spot with an estimated wealth of 550 billion kronor.

H&M frontman Stefan Persson finished second with a fortune of 251 billion.

Over the last ten years, the total number of billionaires in Sweden has shot up by 50 percent.

There were 17 new faces in the magazine's 2014 list, including gaming developer Jakob Porsér whose bank balance skyrocketed when Microsoft purchased Minecraft earlier this year.

The richest woman in Sweden is Antonia Ax:son Johnson, who was fourth overall, with 59 billion kronor to her name. She heads the Axel Johnsson Group, which has interests in everything from energy to telecom and real estate.

Footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic was another newcomer, with his billion-kronor fortune enough to land him in 142nd place. The 33-year-old Swede has been busy making headlines this Christmas after shooting a 500-kilogramme elk in Åre.
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