Highest Number of Asylum Seekers in Two Decades
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Highest Number of Asylum Seekers in Two Decades
Quote:Highest Number of Asylum Seekers in Two Decades

Last year just over 81,000 asylum seekers arrived in Sweden, according to the Migration Board. But around two-thirds of that number also left the country.

In 2014, Sweden received the largest number of asylum seekers since the 1992 Balkan war.

Nearly half of those seeking refuge here last year were from Syria. Many also came from Eritrea and Somalia. Around 77 percent, or some 62,000 people, of those applying received asylum last year.

Virtually all of those from Syria or Eritrea were given permission to stay, while those from the Balkans had very little chance of getting asylum in 2014.
2015 Jan 03 13:55
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