Ethnic Danes a Minority in Some Urban Districts
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Ethnic Danes a Minority in Some Urban Districts
Quote:In several Danish neighbourhoods, ethnic Danes are the minority.

A study carried out by the online newsletter Ugebrevet A4 shows that more people with an immigrant background than ethnic Danes live in the districts of Odense NØ (postcode 5240), Brøndby Strand (2660) and Brabrand (8220).

Mostly in big cities
The study was based on figures from Statistics Denmark regarding the number of immigrants, refugees and their children.

The report points out that most immigrants live close to big cities such as Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg.

Ethnic Danes dominate rural areas

On the contrary, almost 100 percent of the citizens living in Anholt and Bagenkop on Langeland are ethnic Danes.

In general, rural areas are scarcely inhabited by residents with immigrant backgrounds, while in the cities, the composition of residents can strikingly vary from neighbourhood to neighbourhood.
2015 Jan 07 12:00
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