Welfare reforms 'hit Wales hardest'
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Welfare reforms 'hit Wales hardest'
Quote:Rent arrears are rising and debts mounting as welfare reforms hit home in Wales, an official watchdog has warned.

The auditor general for Wales says welfare system changes are having a greater impact than in England and Scotland.

Levels of rent debt rose by nearly a quarter in the first six months after the spare room subsidy ended and the benefit cap came in.

The UK government says the changes are "absolutely necessary".

Department of Work of Pensions (DWP) said its welfare reform programme - which started in April 2013 - will reduce annual spending on housing benefit by around £26m a year in Wales.

To help do this, payments have been reduced for claimants with spare bedrooms - this has been dubbed the "bedroom tax" by critics.

A benefit cap has also been introduced restricting the amount people can claim.

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