Tax on “social parasites” to be imposed in Belarus
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RE: Tax on “social parasites” to be imposed in Belarus
still open this thread and be disappointed this isn't a tax on financial sector workers, the gambling industry and jews.

2016 Dec 06 22:56
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RE: Tax on “social parasites” to be imposed in Belarus
Quote:Unemployed Belarusians No Longer Have to Pay a ‘Social Parasite’ Tax

Joseph Hincks
Mar 10, 2017

A Belarusian decree "against social parasites," which levies a tax on people not in full-time employment, has been suspended in the wake of mass street protests.

Announcing the freeze in Minsk, Thursday, Belarus' President Alexander Lukashenko stressed the tax was being paused rather than junked altogether, the BBC reports. …

It's an apparent compromise from Lukashenko… He did also, however, promise a "tough reaction" against organizers of future dissent against the tax, which saw thousands take to the streets in protest in February.

Belarus' "social parasite" tax was implemented in 2015. It requires Belarus citizens that work fewer than 183 days per year to pay about $250 in atonement for lost tax revenues. But collecting it has proved challenging: only about one in ten of the 470,000 people who should have paid the tax actually coughed up the money


On March 25 (this year it will be Saturday) the opposition normally pulls a trick or two. Stay tuned.

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2017 Mar 15 22:37
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